GP3’s experts and research fellows have been privileged to work with projects across a broad entire spectrum of public-private cooperation initiatives in Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific supporting projects impacting over 100 countries. 

GP3 institute is a global advisory network of governance, development, legal and operations experts serving small and large public-private partnerships. GP3 provides research and advisory support to help public and private actors, including international organizations, countries, states/provinces, municipalities, and public agencies, to cooperate with the private sector, including companies and non-profits. Cooperation between public and private actors may take many forms. The purpose of public-private collaboration is to provide public benefit, while leveraging the technical expertise and finance capacity of the private sector. Such initiatives may be local: for example the construction of a hospital facility or a toll road, impacting a single community. At the other end of the spectrum, dozens of actors seek to coordinate efforts including the United Nations, wealthy, emerging, and developing countries, financing institutions, international NGOs and international companies.  One framework for global development projects is the Sustainable Development Goals; objectives adopted by the United Nations to address, among other things: poverty, equal access to education, healthy lives at all ages, and climate change. The GP3 Institute is developing regional nodes in the Caribbean, Africa and South East Asia.

What We Do

GP3 Institute provides targeted research and advisory support for public-private partnerships. 

mission & vision

GP3 serves to improve and establish PPP organizational and governance structures to better achieve economic and social development objectives.


​​Global Public-Private Partnership Advisory Network