​​Global Public-Private Partnership Advisory Network

P3 Podcasts

Cross-border PPP Infrastructure Projects

An in-depth discussion of the importance of cooperation among bordering countries that aim to serve the needs of people who cross borders frequently. Forward-thinking efforts are being made today to improve transportation between African countries. Looking toward China for funding and guidance, the East African Railway Master Plan has begun.

Community/Municipal PPP Case Study

Dive into the essentials of public-private partnerships, and the forms they take here in the United States. This first podcast focuses on past and present P3s in California and their impact on municipal urban renewal. Projects discussed: Presidio Parkway and the Long Beach Civic Center

Regional Cooperation PPPs for Multiple States

Exploration of how P3s can positively impact the economic development goals of a region, as they cooperate toward a public objective. This podcast evaluates the options of tax and toll impositions in an effort to fund privately backed projects.  Projects discussed: Confederation Bridge and East End Crossing

State or Provincial Level PPPs

An engaging assessment of the pros and cons of interstate P3s in the United States. Delve into the details of the multi-billion dollar projects in the Midwest.  Find out what our Northern Neighbors have been investing in, and why. Projects discussed: Chicago Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road

  • P3 Podcast - Preview Episode 1:44
​National PPP Initiatives

Breaking down the lessons learned from the United Kingdom’s private finance initiative (PFI), identifying the United Nations take on model regulations for P3s, and a brief assessment of Zambia’s Public-Private Partnership Act.  Projects discussed: National Health Service


Our preview podcast sets the stage for ten podcasts reviewing public private partnerships from the community project to the global initiative. We present successes, challenges, and fundamental principles underpinning these innovative programs.